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Hi! My name is Imani and I am so happy you are here. You may remember me from Cultured Consulting Co. We'll we had face-lift! You can find all of those wonderful services and more in this space with me, Imani the Solutionist. If you are an entrepreneur that is ready for your next level of development...

You Are Right Where You Need To Be!

You Deserve to Build with Ease...

Building a new business or scaling one requires hard work but it shouldn't burn you out and leave you feeling anxious and defeated. When you are feeling this way, what you need is strategy! So how about I tell you a bit about who I am as a strategist...

Servant Leader.
Vision Enhancer.

Imani S. Wilkins, "Imani the Solutionist", is a dynamic communicator and strategist who serves entrepreneurs through the use of her skills in marketing & branding strategy, cultural competence, organizational development and leadership. She helps organizations by providing her skills and resources to help marginalized entrepreneurial groups.

The term “solutionist” describes her ability to enhance the vision of others by applying strategic, creative solutions to specific issues.

She has assisted several organizations, nationally & internationally, by providing solutions that uplift the brand, vision and culture of each leader. Her goal is to create practical strategies that maximize the efforts of her clients, improve business culture and create messages that help businesses effectively reach their target audiences.

Through her growing expertise, she provides structure to organizations with the culture, marketing and branding to match.

Over 7 years of Marketing, Branding, Culture & Org Development experience

Masters of Science in Communications for Social Change, Spec.

2020 International Marketing consultant with the Bolivia Foundation for Social Development

2020- 2022 Marketing & Branding consultant for the Women's Business Enterprise Center East 

Speaker at the 2022 Women's Business Enterprise Center East Annual Fundraiser

I Have The Perfect Gift for You!!!

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Calling all entrepreneurs, CEO's and business leaders! Don't forget about one of the most important and impactful parts of your company...your culture! Use this FREE assessment below to help you answer questions about the state of your company culture or get you thinking about the culture you want to create.

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"Imani is a light! She is knowledgable and extremely passionate about helping her clients build solid and efficient businesses. She is very quick minded, and offers an immense amount of insight as a coach. I feel very seen and compelled when working with her"

-Rayla Meshawn

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